Student Testimonials

I have attended the first year and I must say that, as a former linguist, language teacher and academic, I was impressed with the level of this course. For me it was very important, as I learned, to know the details and reason behind things, so my favorite part of the program was makharij and sifaat. I found the course very well structured, engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The professionalism, passion and sheer love of the Qur’an of my teacher was simply infectious, may Allah reward them with good. Had I not relocated to another city I would definitely carry on with the al-Manhal course, I will really miss it and may Allah give me something as good or better. 

Jazakum Allahu khayran to all the sisters working with al-Manhal Manchester, masha’Allah you are doing a great service to your fellow Muslimaat.


I would like to describe myself as a non Arab who recites the Qur’an in a South east Asia accent. 

Since I landed in the UK 9 years ago, I looked for good Qur’an lessons but I failed to find one until recently. About 3years ago a sister in Manchester told me that Al Manhal opened registration for new students who wanted to learn Tajweed in the Cheadle Hulme area. Well, I thought Allah listened my du’a and it was a chance for me to learn again from the basic to strengthen my capability of reciting the Qur’an. I live in South Derbyshire which is quite far from Manchester. Alhamdulillah with my husband permission, I was able to drive to Manchester every week, in any weather for the lesson.  I made up my mind and intention that it will be similar to going for hijrah.

I honestly was not able to recite the Qur’an with much fluency. I knew the Arabic letters but my pronunciation was poor. Each time I recited, I made mistakes. The lessons were tough but with Allahs help,  I didn’t give up. It was a huge challenge for me. I followed all the advice and tips the teachers gave me. For example, she said a method of improving ones recitation was to increase the portion I recited daily at home and to to stick to that portion. She also said that a student cannot improve their recitation purely through coming and reciting in class – reciting at home daily was a must – she was so correct – this I have learnt.

In the first year I spent alot of time  listening to a Qaree reciting ayah per ayah on the computer. I really enjoyed the hifdh element to the course because  Hifdh has been one of my  goals  since many years. Before the course I had memorised perhaps less than 10 short surahs from Juz ‘amma. Alhamdulillah after 3years on the course with al Manhal, I have memorised the entire Juz ‘amma and the 1st Juz of  Al Baqarah. With Allahs guidance and my teachers help,  I now understand and know many rules of tajweed,  alhamdulillah, and I have made a big improvement in my telawah and hifdh . My husband is happy and I believe  Allah is happy too because I do this only for HIM insha Allah.

A big thanks to my dear teacher and sister xxx who taught and still teaches me the theory of  Tajweed and how to correct/improve my telawah . Masha Allah she explained the theory from  basic very well, with patience and full dedication. A big thanks also to sister xxx who is also a teacher helping with telawah,  I took her advice in not to give up climbing the mountain until reaching to the top. May Allah reward the dedication of the al Manhal teachers. They helped plant the seed and insha Allah I will spread the seed to others. 

Helena, Derbyshire

I have always wanted to be able to read Qur’an with perfection and then be able to teach it, ie pass my knowledge on. This is the only course I know of , that will help me achieve this. Sincere duas to all those who organise and run the courses.

Riffat, Gatley


It is my 4th year with Al Manhal – alhumdu lillah, a fantastically well structured course.  Alhumdu lillah, our teacher relayed all the course syllabus thoroughly and also gave us plently of extra time to cover the theory and the telawah. It would be a good idea to have arabic/grammar as a separate course.  My duas for all the sisters who have worked to make this course work really well, and alhumdu lillah, the new course books that were introduced this year have proved valuable.

Saddia, Levenshulme

I have been a student at Al-Manhal Tajweed course for the last four years. I had been looking for a tajweed course for quite some time and had not come across one with this level of teaching and structure, with specific times allocated for theory, tilaawah and hifzh. 
A class has a limited number of students, all at a similar tajweed level, to maximise the learning experience. The quality of the teaching is exceptional, you rarely come across teachers with this level of commitment, providing you with all the support and resources to excel.
The weekend classes are great for me as I work full time but there are many classes throughout the week in various locations so it is easy to find one where you will fit in and become a member of the Al-Manhal community.
I believe the success of Al-Manhal over the past few years is due to the the level of commitment shown by both the teachers and the students who are aiming to please Allah swt and strive for excellence in the science of tajweed.
Aiysha, Hale

I have studied with almanhal for 5 years, from basic to advanced level tajweed. It is an excellent organisation that has very knowledgeable and dedicated staff that are always keen to help. I have really enjoyed my time throughout this course.

Munazza, Altrincham

I started the al Manhal course 4 years ago after attending many Tajweed courses and frustratingly never seeming to progress. The al Manhal course was very different from any other Tajweed course I had attended.  The course is very structured with a strict syllabus that needs to be covered every year.  I really felt I was gaining benefit in every single lesson.  The teachers are fantastic mashaa’Allah and are really committed to helping you learn.  For anyone serious about perfecting their Tajweed I have not found a better course than this.  May Allah bless the wonderful teachers and organisers and continue its success, ameen.
Sarah, Riyadh

The course has been very beneficial for me alhamdulilah and my knowledge has increased immensly. The teachers were very helpful and supportive in answering my queries. I have learned so much and I have found my recitiation with tajweed has improved with the help of Allah (swt) and my amazing teachers. I have enjoyed the course from start to finish and I hope others will do so too. Jazakallah khair.

Farzana, Cheetham Hill